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About Us

Wild Earth Wisdom is about how we need to learn to live on Earth in a holistic balance that includes a sacred relationship with Nature. By opening up our hearts, eyes, and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with Nature.

This requires a commitment to evolve our own body/mind/soul relationships within ourselves and with each other, through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development work.

This also requires learning how to live sustainably on the land in new forms with healthy, non-toxic, and deep ecological practices such as building locally & more naturally, and learning how to grow as much of our own food as possible.

Wild Earth Wisdom inspires and empowers people to live healthier and soul-filled lives in alignment with a conscious and thriving Earth. We do this by teaching eco-centric ways of being in co-creative relationships of both giving and receiving sustainably.

This Sacred Ecology work is about reclaiming our archaic indigenous heritage as earth-based human beings, to embrace the essential wilderness within our hearts of a deep, all-inclusive belonging with Nature and each other. It is about opening up our right brain consciousness and allowing the mind to become more fluid to listen deeply and communicate with all of Earth’s consciousness and alternate realities.

It is also about how to become more community-oriented to work in groups through cultivating consistent body mind spirit practices, learning new deep ecology ways of living, as well as exploring indigenous wisdom teachings through ceremony and ritual.  

Practicing Wild Earth Wisdom allows us to listen deeply as well as entrain a consistent experience of joy and ecstasy on a regular basis. The energetic power of ‘listening’ in groups amplifies the reception, sensation, and potential healing and ecstatic experience for everyone.  It is also about hearing, responding to, and healing the collective grief, pain, anger, and confusion that are in human beings as well as in our beloved Earth today.

Why You Should Join Us

Wild Earth Wisdom brings together sensitive, self-reliant, soulful, heart-centered, Nature lovers, that are passionate about the eco-sacredness of naturally honouring and protecting, our bodies, our authentic selves, our delicate relationships, in healing our generational traumas, and our fragile, beautiful, precious wild Earth.

Through the broad theme of Sacred Ecology Living, we hold a lamp to light up hope offering direction and skills to transmute new mystical possibilities of resilient thriving, inter-connectedness, and belonging within the rapidly shifting, fluid changes of an increasingly chaotic and uncertain world.

We do this through inspiring and supporting each other with new paradigms of understanding the inner and outer ecology of re-claiming our inherent indigenous wisdoms with profound respect, inclusiveness, kindness, compassion, and presencing practices.

We will learn a synthesis of homesteading, permaculture gardening, natural healthy building, shamanic visioning, ecstatic trance journeying, nature communication practices, body presencing, healing conflictual communication and trauma processes, plus so much more, through co-creatively listening, sharing, singing, dancing, visioning, collaborating, teaching, including slowly growing and deepening in trust, spaciousness and inner stillness, together.

We are here to guide each other to learn how to attune our mind, body and soul so that we can hear, interpret and live with the deeper wisdom of the Earth’s teachings.